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The Arizona Bus Club
is a 501C3 Charity.
To donate or for information please email: theboard@azbusclub.org

About Us

The ABC is an Arizona-based, family-oriented club, dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of the Volkswagen Transporter. We are a collection of drivers and hobbyists whose preferred mode of transportation is old  VWs, preferably buses. If that sounds like the kind of crowd you'd like to hang out with, come to our monthly general meeting or look us up at a show. The club is open to all Type II owners and all VW enthusiasts. 

Every year the ABC raffles off a VW bus at our big event, the "Jerome Jamboree" in Jerome, AZ usually (but not always) the third weekend in September. 

Raffle tickets are sold only at the event and YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN! 

Thanks and enjoy your Bus!

The 2021 Raffle Bus
Win this bus at the Jerome Jamboree XXX Sept 23-26th at Gold King Mine, Jerome, AZ. Tickets are $1 each and you MUST be present to win!!! The Bus Raffle will be held Sunday morning. 

Jerome Jamboree tickets:
        Thurs-Sun     $50 a campsite*
        Fri-Sun          $40 a campsite*
        Sat-Sun         $25 a campsite*

*A campsite consists of a bus, EZ Up and a small tent. If you need more room, please purchase another campsite as we fill up every year.

Walk-in's $5 per person per day. 

Food Venders and Ice available on site. 
Port-A-Potties and hand washing stations are available. 
***No water or electricity on site***


Breaking News!!!

This just in! The Jerome Jamboree 2021 is on! This will mark the 30th anniversary of the Jerome Jamboree and we have some exciting things planned! So, mark your calendars for September 23-26th. Come hang out with a few hundred of your new best friends as we camp, hang out and have a great time at the world-famous Gold King Mine in Jerome, AZ. More to come as we get closer.

Barring another government lockdown or alien invasion, this will be happening! Who am I kidding? We’ll let the aliens party with us!!!!